It’s Giving Tuesday …

We’ve had Black Friday (apparently). I missed it as I was out for a walk, watching the waves, etc. Then we had Cyber Monday which I also missed.

Today, however, is Giving Tuesday, which sounds much better. It’s good to give back. I must admit I quietly ‘give’ throughout the year, as do many others, without fan fare. I have standing orders to my favourite charities, etc., as do many other people.

But sometimes we can give more and need a little reminder … giving isn’t all about money (though charities have struggled this year). It can be about time: doing that 2 minute beach clean, picking up the phone to speak to someone, or writing a letter, sharing food you’ve cooked with someone else, or popping something extra in your shopping trolley for the local food bank or animal charity. The list is endless and we all have our causes.

So what are you waiting for?



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