It’s December, so let’s check those Covid figures …

Happy December!

So, back to the interactive map you are now so familiar with and this is what we get for the 7 days to 25th November …


  • Bude and Stratton, 18 cases (a drop) with a 168.7 rolling rate
  • Holsworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe 10 cases (no change) with a 98.7 rolling rate
  • Hartland Coast 10 cases (no change) with a 153.7 rolling rate
  • Poundstock and Kilkhampton, 6 cases (a drop) with a 79.4 rolling rate
  • Launceston, 3 cases (a rise) with a rolling rate of 27.5
  • Crackington and Camelford, data suppressed as low rates
  • Bideford south and east, 12 cases (a rise) with a rolling rate of 93.6

Bearing in mind that lockdown2 ends on Wednesday and that these figures are still a week behind, then hopefully by the time we get to the 7 days to 1st December, things will have improved.

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