Issues for Scott Mann now he’s back in power

Well, the election is over and whatever your views, it was a resounding victory for the Conservatives, including Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall. He wrote on his Facebook page:

Thank you, North Cornwall!

It’s an incredible honour to be returned to Parliament representing my home constituency.

Let’s get this done!

The debate on our Facebook page suggests that some of you feel Scott needs to be more engaged with the electorate in places like Bude and get quite a few other things done outside Brexit.

So, what are the key issues for Bude that you’d like him to engage in? Let us know here and I will pass them on in the hope of some responses.


On his website, he highlights 6 areas he has been working on:


Residents in North Cornwall have to travel considerable distances to access specialist NHS services. I shall campaign to get more frequent, local and specialised National Health clinics in North Cornwall.

I fully agree that as many services as possible should be provided locally. When elected I shall join my colleagues who want to expand the scope and responsibilities of the GP and community hospital services. I am determined that our excellent doctors, nurses, midwives, GPs and all other staff are given the support they need.

I am proud of our NHS, we must support our hard-working doctors, nurses, midwives, GPs and all other staff.

Fairer funding for schools

Scott has been campaigning for the Government to address the disparity in pupil funding between urban and rural schools and implement a new fairer funding formula.

It has been the case for many years that a pupil in a school in one part of the country can receive over 50 per cent more funding than a pupil in an identical school in another part of the country, and it is important to make schools and early education funding fairer.

Scott has, therefore, joined other MPs from across the UK in calling for a fairer funding model which recognises the challenges facing schools in rural areas like North Cornwall. In October 2015, Scott signed a letter to the Prime Minister along with 110 other MPs asking that school funding be made fairer and repeated these calls in Parliament on a number of occasions.

In July 2017, the Government announced £1.3 billion extra for schools, and in September after lengthy consultation with schools and the public, it revealed its new National Funding Formula which will implement a fairer funding model and deliver an increase in funding for every school and pupil in North Cornwall, with an average funding increase of 4.3%.

Affordable housing

Scott is an active campaigner for affordable housing for local people. Scott was disappointed that one of the first things the newly formed Liberal Democrat/Independent Cornwall Council did was to try to reduce the percentage of affordable housing being built on council, and other publicly-owned land. This would have directly affected the people of Cornwall making it difficult to find affordable housing.

Scott successfully fought and got the council to increase the affordable housing levels on public owned land to 50 per cent. In addition, Scott proposed that the names of 9,000 people on the housing list who do not live in Cornwall should be removed. Scott will continue to campaign for affordable homes for local people and their families.

Environment and wind turbines

We are privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the country, let’s keep it that way and stop unwanted developments.

North Cornwall is an area of outstanding natural beauty and Scott will continue to fight to keep it that way. Cornwall has been officially named as the most picturesque county in England, our beaches and countryside regularly win awards. We need to protect our countryside from unwanted wind-turbine developments, and other inappropriate planning submissions that would harm our landscapes that are so valued by tourists.

We now have enough onshore wind power to meet our renewables target, so should end taxpayer-funded subsidies for newly planned projects and give local communities the decisive say on them. Only a Conservative government would deliver that.

Conservatives in Government have already changed planning rules in England to give greater protection for landscape and heritage and we will go further and amend planning policy in England to give even greater protection to locally valued landscape, heritage and other local concerns.

Local business and tourism

Scott has consulted with local businesses and campaigned to reduce the bureaucracy and taxation with which small traders, in particular, are burdened. Scott shall continue this campaign, especially fighting for small businesses. The Conservative-led Government has delivered 3690 apprenticeships in North Cornwall, enabling young people to start a career.

Scott has campaigned for the A30 dualling at Temple. The work could begin as early as March. With two lanes in each direction, and bringing much-needed road improvements to North Cornwall, it should help all businesses in the constituency.

Scott has also discussed the plight of our dairy farmers with visiting ministers. We must make it easier, rather than harder, for people in agriculture to be able to perform in a way that ensures a reasonable living.

Tax and benefits

This Conservative-led Government has made an £800 tax cut for 26,000 working people in North Cornwall.

Labour left a welfare system that disincentivised work and trapped people in poverty. The public lost trust in the system because it did not reward work and created a dependent culture. Whilst Labour remains the welfare party, Conservatives are bringing benefits under control.

The tax-free Personal Allowance will increase to £10,600 in April, and with over 1.7 million more people in work and having the security of a pay packet at the end of the month, Scott will fight to ensure that no one on work-related benefits is better off than those people in work.





  • Ian says:

    So Scott – what’s the plan now to stop Devonwall? Will you consider the next five years a success if Bude’s Foodbank is stil operating?

  • Sue Holmes says:

    It actually takes my breath away how completely Scott Mann doesn’t understand the climate crisis. His main concern is protecting the views!! Is this for real? We’re really not safe with people like Scott in government. Please, I urge everyone to write to him and explain that renewables are our only hope in a carbon neutral world. Refusing onshore wind farms is not only ridiculous, it’s suicidal.

  • Martin Smith says:

    Dear Scott, congratulations on being returned to Westminster as our MP.

    Whenever the subject of the NHS comes up, discussion seems to always focus on hospitals & GPs. What are you going to do about ensuring that places like Bude, which are remote from A&E provision, have adequate emergency response cover?

    I am a qualified First Aider, and in the late summer, was faced with a situation with somebody exhibiting heart attack symptoms (I will keep this fairly vague on a public forum to protect identities). The situation escalated to a full cardiac arrest, yet it took 75 minutes and many phone calls to get anybody on scene. The outcome was not positive.

    In whose book is this acceptable, and what do you propose to do about ensuring that Bude has anything like the level of cover anyone living in a town or city takes for granted? Why should the people of Bude accept a second (or worse) class level of cover, which, ultimately, proved to be life threatening?

  • JohnG says:

    Key issue to me is to ask what he can do to help bring more (and better paid) local jobs to the Bude area. Increased prosperity leads to socio-economic developments. I’m worried that Boris might be tempted to focus on the north east (which may well be needed) but we need investment and jobs here.
    Yes, there are many other priorities (NHS, affordable housing, pockets of poverty, education, etc) but strong economic activity is the foundation.

  • Dennis Jeffery says:

    On the subject of climate change, we are sooner or later going to have to face up to the fact that the biggest problem is that the world is over populated. Many of the killer diseases now have cures and we are finding cures for others whilst fertility is being given a helping hand. What can be done about it I have no idea but it is causing an ever increasing demand on energy which is by far the biggest polluter.
    Just an observation, the tax allowance is already £12,500, not sure if there is an increase planned for 2020.

    • Sue Holmes says:

      Dennis, overpopulation is definitely not being ignored. The problem is not so much how many people are on the planet as how they live. Blaming the climate crisis on overpopulation is really blaming the most marginalised people for a problem caused by the rich. To put it another way, if you’re a person living in the UK, eating strawberries at Christmas, enjoying a steak flown in from Brazil and flying off on holiday, your carbon footprint will be a lot bigger than a subsistence farmer in rural Malawi. We need climate justice, not population control.

  • I met Scott Mann several times including at the election count in Bodmin Thursday night/Friday morning. He is well aware that my politics & his are poles apart. On a ‘speak as you find’ basis I have to say he has always been extremely polite & generous. Arising from a private matter, I took the opportunity at the count to express my gratitude & respect. While I respect the man, I dislike his politics.

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