Is today ‘Divorce Day’ ?

After the joy (or struggle) of Christmas and spending time together, it seems that the first full day back at work (today) has been dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ as the stresses and strains of many a married life really hit home. Solicitors always see a spike in divorce enquiries on this day.

Some people, however, may prefer to wait awhile, as on 6th April, the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act, 2020, which received Royal Assent on 25th June, 2020 commences. There were delays along the way; for example, online divorce systems were introduced last year to make the process more accurate/faster and needed to work well.

In this, the biggest shake up of divorce law in 50 years, the ‘no fault’ divorce (or a separation fact) is set to eliminate conflict and blame. The new law will also stop one spouse contesting a divorce if the other wants one. Couples will also be able to make joint applications for divorce.

The changes have been widely welcomed by family practitioners. Nonetheless, some separating couples may find mediation useful.





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