Is this the new Bude Tunnel on Trip Advisor?

Happy December. This is a new one on me, a Trip Advisor page for Bude’s ‘High St’ and independent shops.

Feel free to add your review. Comments so far say:

Amazing variety of shops, with a lot of independent shops as well! Great car park on Burn View which is cheaper than other car parks and a 30-second walk into town!
A truly amazing town centre altogether!
Some great shops include Wroes, Tasty Pasties, Lansdown dairy, Coastal Pets and lots more!

A MUST visit!

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Bude town shops are great full of gift shops sweet shops and absolutely delicious ice cream. They also have a few pubs and a chip shop too. At the top of the hill, they have a CoOp which sells good picnic supplies and a petrol station at the bottom that sells Costa Coffee. There is a Costa in the town but it’s small and quite hard to find, but the locals are friendly so if you’re not sure just ask someone.


I have heard quite a few times, that High Streets are boring nowadays. All the same shops and quite a few of them are charity shops. Bude is a bit different, not only because it is at the seaside but also that there are very few national chain stores, but lots of small independent shops. It is not even a real High Street in the traditional sense, but a few streets that form a circle. It is true, there are Boots, W H Smith Costa Coffee, but also Wroes department store, electrical retailers, bakers (in the plural), a dairy, chemists, newspaper and toy shops PLUS Surfing shops, clothing shops and of course cafes, eateries and pubs; AND an old fashioned Ironmongers plus Bude DIY !
A bank, cash points and a full time Post Office assist the local spending.
There is limited free parking parking in the street, but also there are plenty of car parking spaces available
The major point is that just a short walk away are the beautiful beaches and walks that Bude is so well known for
All in all, a good afternoon spent…


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