Is there Covid in Bude?

Is there Covid in Bude area? The figures are not overly alarming but the answer is yes, despite us living in a fairly fortunate bubble so far this autumn.

The interactive map (which displays weekly data) to 26th October showed 13 cases of people tested positive in Bude and Stratton, up by 11, a rise of 550% (from an extremely low base).

Holsworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe showed 5 cases, up 150% (by 3).

Hartland coast area showed 7 cases (up by 5), a 250% rise.

Compared to the picture in parts of the north west, we have been fortunate so far.

If you look at the UK data, however, you will see that there are substantial rises in people testing positive, deaths within 28 days of a positive result, patients admitted to hospital, and virus tests processed. There is no reason to think that, without action, that will not spread to other lower rate areas like ours.

On the national map, Cornwall and Devon are still ‘green’ areas with relatively low rates, but numbers are on the rise.

The number of Covid related deaths is now slightly higher than on 27th March (607 compared to 16th October 671) before the April peak happened.

While no one likes a lockdown, the key data suggests that something needs to be in place to reduce rates of transmission.

Oh well, at least we have the American election to take our minds off it.

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