Is Stratton better for community wellbeing than Bude?

Just had a look at this community wellbeing indicator from the Co-Op.

Bude scores 47, against a UK average of 52, with highlights being health, culture, heritage and leisure and education/learning.

Our low points are relationships and trust (20), economy, wok and employment (30) and transport, mobility and connectivity (42). This is how the score is obtained.

Flexbury achieves 45, with a 65 for housing, space and environment, 63, for health, and 50 for cultural, heritage and leisure. What really brings it down is relationships and trust (15)

Marhamchurch 49. Poughill achieves 44 and Maer a lowly 37.

Stratton, however, hits the giddy heights of 50, with culture, heritage and leisure hitting 73 and relationships and trust 41.


Let us know your thoughts …


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