Is Bude being ruined?

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Driving through Poughill and Bude today it made me think, is new development ruining Bude and the surrounding areas?

30 new houses being built between Poughill and Flexbury, using marziale brick which isn’t a local material and is not found on any surrounding buildings, meaning they will stand out like a sore thumb; also considering the fact that a number of them will probably end up as holiday homes and the traffic increase it will cause.

The Bovis estate at Binhamy farm is the biggest destroyer, not only by the large number of houses, but by the appearance of the development; all the houses look the same with the awful yellow brick on the side, and Bovis have left hardly any green space building right up to the edge of the A39, causing a huge visual impact.

Cornwall Council never seem to refuse development, and Bude Stratton town council seem to be the same.
What is needed is stricter planning rules, a better planning committee, and for new houses to be built for locals only, and to include green space with lots of trees, and local materials and architecture.

If it carries on like this, will Bude be ruined?

We’ve received two comments so far (the rest are probably on social media). Claudia says:

I wholeheartedly agree. The amount and size of building is heartbreaking and certainly ruining our beautiful little town. The quality of the buildings is dreadful and they neither fit in with the surroundings nor do they provide green spaces. It certainly appears that Cornwall Council don’t give a hoot about who builds what and whether locals benefit. More holiday homes are also not good for us; with the infrastructure we have we are at capacity.

Dave adds:

Why has someone waited so long to ask this question? Being brought up in Stratton since 1961, the changes have been immense. It is barely recognisable to what was. Stratton, Bude, Poughill, were in their own right separate parishes. Never meant or intended to be joined together. The sad reality is that money has dictated common-sense. Unfortunately, over the years, local people have become very despondent with local councillors and politicians who have, by hook or by crook, ruined what was a beautiful part of Cornwall. We are now looking at the parish of Marhamchurch being swallowed up into this unstoppable mad thinking.
In the summer the traffic is backed up as far as Stratton bypass waiting to get to Bude.
The traffic situation is at unsustainable levels. Eric Pickles overrode the planning refusal for the housing at Binhamy. Yet, I am informed he has never been there. So let’s book a special trip for him to wait in traffic heading for Bude in the middle of the summer. He can then see the impact on his decisions. The same goes for all people who have dirtied their hands, made lots of money and left their mark. There was never a tremendous amount of work for local people but back in the 80s the balance was right. Now communities are split. Gone are the day when you knew who was who. Where is everyone going to work in the future? Bude is the furthest point west geographically away from any major road or rail network. Yet the building still continues. On a recent trip home I was amazed at the continuing destruction of a once beautiful area. Lot’s of people can remember walking through path fields. A path between Stratton and Bude where you could barely hear traffic. Only memories now.
Shame on all those money grabbers who have dirtied their hands and left others with their lasting legacy.

Pauline also agrees:

We have lived here since 1981 and have seen how Bude has been destroyed by large housing estates Bovis and others. In Poughill, more housing sites. The infrastructure can no longer cope and that is without the influx of summer lets.

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