Is a witch an alternative community service?

Disclaimer: This article is by Bude white witch, Emma-Jane Saunders. The words are Emma’s own and not necessarily endorsed by this website (which is open to any member of the community to share their thoughts or tells us about what they do). This is Emma’s personal viewpoint, not Bude & Beyond’s. so please only read if this is your interest.

So, you have seen a glimpse of what some Witches do from my previous articles on Tarot, Magic and Crystals…

But one may be curious to ask what do witches REALLY do?

Well, I hope that this article enlightens you more on what we work on, with and a more personal insight to my own practices.

Once again, I stress that they way I work my magic is not the same as another’s, but that is OK. I am wanting to share my stories and experiences to enlighten those who want to understand. We are all unique to our own spiritualities and magic.



The village witch has always been of service to their community.

They were often a cheaper and alternative option to go to for help, when the village doctor or priest could not solve a client’s problems.

A witch’s alternative guidance will often begin where the priest or doctor ends.

This was mainly due to the fact that the ordinary folk were God-fearing people but who still understood and respected the ancient laws and folk practices of the land passed down through generations. When issues arise, they would often be attributed to spirits, ghosts, the fairy folk (or fairy peoples) or to other witches who would use their magic for harm.

So other witches, (often called white witches) would be drafted in and asked to appease the spirits, undo the baneful magic, conducting blessings to bring good fortune and be paid for the services, either by coin or through barter trades like food and other goods.


Most witches today, will often employ similar services besides doing magic, tarot  and healing.

To be a witch means to have a connection to both the physical and spiritual world.

But it’s not always for services to others.

Often time, a witch will connect with spirits to perform many works for themselves, to help other spirits who are in need of help (mediumship), to just to increase their connection to the spirit world and the divine; building a good connection with spirit, so that if and when their help is needed, so it is much easier to access is often a fundamental skill of the witch. And it is not easy work: as half of the learning can come from books and teachers – but a good chunk is often more than not, through trial and error of the witch gaining personal experience themselves.

Another practice many witches do is to always try to achieve a harmonious balance with ourselves, with the worlds we work with (physical and spiritual) and in turn help others to find that harmony for themselves.

Spirit working/walking (a personal term I love to use) is the act of connecting to the local lands and environment: connecting with spirits of those who have gone before and with the many magical and powerful spirits, guardians, deities to gain clarity to questions and situations; helping lost souls or spirits to find their way to their sacred realms or to the afterlife; bringing in healing energies to bless and cleanse spaces that may have had stagnation; making offerings to appease the land and it guardians – there are many tasks that a witch can do with their spirit workings.

In a way, most witches will be a guiding light for those lost in the dark – very much like the moon herself. In some sense, we fight the shadow self and the dark that causes harm, but mark my words when I say it is definitely not like an episode of the beloved series Charmed!

We do blessings and cleansings for people and their homes/work spaces – bringing in positive energy to where it is needed. On rare occasions we will come in the help a lost spirit move on to where they need to go and only in exceptional circumstance do we banish or exorcise real negative entities (both physical and spiritual) out of a person’s life if there is a real possibility of harm befalling someone.


Witches also work to face that which is scary to most people – ourselves. We  know and understand that if one is not healed themselves – then they cannot help others or pursue their dreams properly. It is a never ending cycle – but that is also a part of nature as mother nature is cyclic herself.

Shadow working (another personal term I use) is when we are made to face with the parts of ourselves that we do not like or refuse to accept/acknowledge – and work through the process of accepting, healing and growing from the experience.

This is not for the faint-hearted.

Shadow working can be very raw, messy, unglamorous and often people will and can get scared by this working when they thought the were ready to tackle it; Goddess knows I have been through that experience

But like anything in this beautiful world that is difficult to tackle – the rewards and learning from it are very much worth it!


Overall, the witch has always been of service to their community.

It had been that way for thousands of years until it was sadly twisted by a few powerful people and became a stigma of fear and persecution where the ultimate punishment was torture and death.

Nowadays the witch can work alongside the doctors and priests in a more harmonious balance to promote well-being from all sides, without fear of being persecuted (at least to a more tolerable degree where some stigmas still linger sadly); I know of a few witches who have priests as friends and work with one another to help their community.


Many people are awakening to the fact that being healthy includes their own spirituality besides their physical, mental and emotional health. And slowly, the age-old stigma of the witch being an evil entity that harmed her village is slowly being challenged and changed to a much more positive outlook.

So with this article – I do hope that I have enlightened more of you to just some (yes this is just a toe-dip into the ocean of magic) of the practices that are a bit more deeper in connection to the world of magic and spirit.

Of  how witches are not just entertainers or fascinating people who work a few spells, heal with crystals and read some cards. We do a lot more work than that in several worlds that we are connected to.

Now it is our time to shine and show the world our workings.


Thank you all very kindly for reading my article, I apologise that it has been a while since I did one, but ironically – I was shadow working!

I was also working more on my little spiritual business, Dragon Goddess Healings – where I have now re-opened up to receive clients face to face!

I still have my services on-line as well, but if you are interested in booking a service with me, please do contact me via the details shared here or on my Facebook page!


Thank you all so kindly for all of the love and support, it means so much to me and I am very grateful to Goddess and you wonderful people for all the wonderful experiences and the chances to share this with others.

Have a wonderful and Bright Blessed day! xxx

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