In praise of the amazing women of Bude …

Today is International Women’s Day, a celebration of female achievement (often against the odds) in all spheres of life, and a hope to accelerate female equality around the globe.

On our Facebook page, we asked which women in Bude stand out for you, and this is what we got (interestingly the comments all came from women):

Most of you mentioned Sue Gear, who, if it was a competition would surely be the winner. Sue devotes so much time, energy and let’s face it, her own cash, to helping injured wildlife through Born to be Wild. She is amazing, her love for animals shining through on the posts she puts on Facebook about her rescues. Thanks to Sue for all she does.

Sue Gear - our winner - with rescued owl

Sue Gear – with rescued owl

The late and dearly missed Margaret Frost who freely did so much for charities in Bude and was an all-round lovely person was also mentioned by many of you, along with the late Candy Baker for all her dedicated work with Stratton Hospital League of Friends.

As a group, the Food Bank and the Refill Shop ladies were also mentioned for the socially and environmentally useful work they do – much deserved.

Finally, and I’m sure she speaks for us all, one person said: I couldn’t choose from the wonderful nurses, doctors, midwives, policewomen, paramedics, social workers, teachers, and teaching support staff, dentists, vets, other health professionals, etc.

I’d add mothers, the women who nurture their children (not all do) because that is really important, difficult and often ignored work.

I guess any woman who tries to do something useful and help others deserves our thanks and gratitude today and every day.

Thanks to you all.  My feeling is I should go out for a walk, embrace nature and leave my desk for a while as my own nod to International Women’s Day.





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