I’d really like a greengrocer’s in Bude

Reading about people being prepared to pay more not to have their fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic sent me a little nostalgic.

As I child I used to shop the markets of Birmingham with my parents for vegetables and fruit popped straight into our (non-plastic) shopping bags, or put in brown paper bags if soft fruits. When I started my first teaching job, I used to go to Bury market at the weekend and buy all my greengrocery there, again taking bags to carry them home in.

When I go on trips to other cities, one of the things I love is the markets with beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables. I even enjoy happening upon greengrocers in places closer to home like Torrington. I’m not talking artisan here, I’m talking good old fashioned greengrocery.

How I’d love to have a lush greengrocery shop crammed with fresh produce, in or near Bude, open every day. Maybe one day it will happen …



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