How you can help keep our community together and informed

It’s really quite simple.

As you all know, we are not a commercial organisation but a community one so we are not asking for your money (though it is is always nice, sponsorship is difficult for many businesses right now).

We are asking for your time and your information. Keep us informed.

You can send us info and photos via:


Dawn’s WhatsApp: 07456 461838. – ideally tell me who you are!

Facebook messenger (though I don’t look at this as often as I should)

Or use our ‘submit your news’ button.

What do we mean by ‘news’? Anything. Basically, if it is something you’d talk to a member of the community about that isn’t too personal, then we are keen to know and disseminate. Examples:

  • Planning issues
  • Praise for an event or business
  • Environmental concerns
  • Promoting a new business or telling us how your business has Covid adapted
  • Support groups/services
  • Good ideas
  • Cornish recipes
  • Just super-awesome photos and a bit of blurb about the whys and wheres
  • Achievements and congratulations

Etc. It does not have to be hard news but rather community news.  I will post to the site and do the writing up/editing, but being kept informed is really useful.


And Go!


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