How to submit messages/content to B & B

I feel I owe a lot of people apologies. They send me messages via Facebook and it is very hit and miss whether I ever see them in time. If I’ve missed yours, sorry. As this is a voluntary enterprise with no f/t staff, we are not constantly monitoring social media.

This is not totally down to my ineptitude and impatience. The way Facebook is produced uses an app called Business Suite on my phone/tablet. On my desktop, I have to go into my personal FB page, then onto Bude & Beyond. Messages are not always immediately apparent on either and I have notifications switched off else my phone would be on the go non-stop.

If anyone has any content to share (yes, please, unless you just want me to insert a free link to spend my time advertising your business/product/website, when the answer is always no), then probably the most effective way remains email (though we have a submit your news button on the site which also works).

email is

Alternatively, photos, etc., can be sent via WhatsApp or Signal (07456 461838) but if you are not a contact, please tell me who you are. Instagram also works.

As Facebook is becoming a pain to use, I cannot promise to look at it regularly for messages.

For anything urgent, like a lost dog or missing person, or time-sensitive event, etc., then please, please use alternative methods to Facebook.

If you are submitting posters/photos, please ensure they are JPEGs not PDFs, as this also makes the processing quicker. It is helpful if photos are sent as separate files too, rather than within, say, a Word document.

Many thanks.

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