How to be carbon savvy … buy less and better

Devon Council recently asked the question:

How can we reduce the carbon footprints of products manufactured by factories a long way away and out of our control?

This is what they suggest, which is basically buying less and better-quality – so tell us your thoughts:

Quality, long lasting products have an immediate influence, because if a product lasts five times as long, it has one fifth of the carbon footprint of purchasing five low quality products over the same period of time. So, don’t automatically go for cheap as best!

Money – Over time the long-lasting product costs less per year.

Time –  Less time spent shopping and researching new products.

Hassle – Well made products have usually had more design time so make your life easier.

You can calculate your climate footprint here which is actually really informative, and you can discover how to reduce it on the Carbon Savvy website here.

Suggestions from the website include:

FOOD: Cook a vegetarian meal

TRAVEL: Go for a bicycle ride

ENERGY SAVING: Switch to a renewable energy supplier

KEEPING WARM: Book an online energy-saving or insulation survey

FOOD SHOPPING: Buy some food from a local organic shop

GOODS SHOPPING: Research a long-lasting version of the next appliance you will need to replace

HOLIDAYS: Plan your dream UK holiday 

Not so difficult, really …

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