How Scott Mann voted yesterday evening

It’s become something of a pantomime, but in yesterday’s indicative votes (as opposed to meaningful ones) Scott Mann voted against Conservative MP, Oliver Letwin’s and Labour MP Hilary Benn’s amendment to allow MPs to take control of Commons business and put forward their own motions relating to Brexit. Despite Scott’s stance, the amendment was passed.

He voted against Margaret Beckett’s amendment to allow MPs to vote on a no-deal Brexit or to request an extension, should the UK come within seven days of leaving the EU without a deal. This failed.

He voted against the main motion amended by Sir Oliver Letwin’s amendment. (329 votes to 302).

What it means:

  1. Another humiliating defeat for Theresa May as she loses control of the Commons.
  2. The resignation of three ministers in order to back the Letwin amendment after being whipped to vote against: foreign affairs, Alistair Burt,  health, Steve Brine, and business, Richard Harrington. A total of 29 Conservative MPs rebelled.
  3. PM has accepted she does not have support to hold a third meaningful vote on her deal (funny really, only one referendum, but three votes on one deal seems slightly contradictory politics).
  4. DUP, despite being paid off after the General Election, are still not supporting the PM on this.
  5. PM will continue to discuss her deal in the hope that she can try again as MPs become more exasperated and concerned.
  6. The public at large gets no say in these shenanigans though polls from voters on both sides of the divide show they feel the government has performed badly on this.
  7. It is quite a constitutional mess, with the country also divided on the issue.


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