How Local Bude Businesses Can Gain Traction in the Coming Year

Local Bude businesses and tradespeople looking ahead to 2019 will, no doubt, be considering how best to tailor their business to an ever-evolving market. Keeping up with competition and understanding how to best adapt business practices to meet consumer demand is essential, no matter what product or service they are providing. Local businesses in Bude and the surrounding area must change to thrive, and through devising an effective strategy for the following months, 2019 can be the year your business reaches new heights, both locally and internationally.

With local businesses unsure about the current economic changes due to Brexit, having a firm business plan for all eventualities is advised for all. Below is a short guide on how your Bude business can see 2019 as a year of success. It will include gaining an international retail edge as well as focusing efforts closer to home within the local community.

Gaining an International Retail edge

One area of business that should not be overlooked in 2019 are opportunities for international ecommerce. Business expansion through the use of host platforms can give your local business an additional edge as well as serving the local community. Exposure will naturally grow your business, and by gaining traction overseas, the expansion will have never been easier. By building a brand internationally, your Bude business will be prepared for any uncertainty with a strong standing in the ecommerce market.

Smart business owners are already beginning to appreciate the power of an effective international ecommerce platform. Such a template will expedite cross-border sales and marketing. However, this is truly only the beginning.  Providers such as Shopify Plus offer a host of additional benefits. Some of the most profound include:

  • A platform that is able to address the needs of a growing business
  • The flexible use of Saas (software as a service)
  • Improved speed and functionality
  • Customer support available on a 24/7 basis

Remaining prepared for future economic conditions through the use of bespoke ecommerce software is the best way to remain one step ahead of the competition. 2019 should represent an interesting year indeed.

Looking To The Local Community

As well as building your business online, local marketing should not be overlooked. Home-based customers can instantly elevate your business locally, so don’t ignore this golden opportunity and seek to reach out to the community of Bude and the wider area of Cornwall. Face to face meetups and events can bolster your business and spread the word of your services, and this can be particularly effective locally as you can build a relationship with customers and clients built on trust, showing a human side to your company. Try to seek opportunities to collaborate with others, be that other small local businesses, or charities, for example. To break down barriers and achieve local outreach to the Bude community, consider the following:

  • Get involved in community events such as fun runs
  • Contact and collaborate with other businesses
  • Organise or attend charity events
  • Get on board with local environmental campaigns
  • Network effectively wherever possible

Any local business should have a goal to make an impact both locally and internationally. This can be achieved through both traditional methods of face-to-face networking as well as building an online presence. Your bricks-and-mortar and/or online business can certainly weather the storm of uncertainty felt by all local businesses this new year by gaining traction internationally as well as outside the front door.

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  • John Gimson says:

    An interesting article, and the bit about “Looking to the Local Community” makes a lot of sense.
    If local businesses haven’t yet become aware of some of the services available from Cornwall Council Economic Devt team, they need to explore. They offer Growth and Skills development services – and through the LEP are focussing on 10 ‘opportunity areas’, including things like tourism and tech.

    Collaboration and Networking are also important – so I’d like to encourage local businesses to get in touch with the local Chamber of Commerce and/or FSB – and find out more about Bude Coastal Community Team, whose role is all about working to make Bude (area) a better place, with an emphasis on economic regeneration. It’s a tough world, so working together should make us stronger.

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