How do you see Bude in 10 years’ time?

Was having a chat yesterday about Bude’s town centre (not just the shops) and what it could be like in ten years’ time.

One thing I noticed when I moved down here was that Bude didn’t have a traditional ‘heart’. It has, in my view, plenty of heart but no central piazza, for example, or a major high street, as many towns have. It struck me that this might be one reason why Bude is so welcoming to people who move to the town because it is open to new ideas.

If asked to describe Bude, I suspect all our descriptions would be quite different as we have lots of pluses, such as the beautiful coastline with surfing waves, many individual shops and cafes in the town centre, the Castle, the canal wharf area, the downs, etc.

So, here’s a question. What would you like to see develop in Bude? What is your vision for the next 10 years? There might be certain areas you’d like to change: Triangle, Strand, etc. Would you want pedestrianised areas? Covered areas/walkways (like the famous Bude Tunnel) or is it perfect just as it is? Perhaps it is less about structure and more about events? More arts/drama/crafts, perhaps? Or more facilities for young people but if so, what?

Please add your dreams and visions here – and if you think Bude is quite perfect (and it has to be said, it is pretty darned good) then that’s perfectly fine to voice, too.

I can’t promise any of what you suggest will ever come to fruition (oh to have that power and money) but it is good to gauge community opinion and I’d love to see what the people of Bude really, really want here.


  • lynMason says:

    Would love to see the Triangle area as a more social space. Maybe cafes, bars, with tables and chairs outside, picnic areas and no traffic there, at least for the summer… Come from here and have always hoped this would happen one day…

  • Robert Craig says:

    I would like to see all new housing estates stopped at the planning stage unless: they have solar and grey water capture on each property. All new building of estates stopped until we have a new GP Surgery and NHS dentist and the reopening of Stratton 24/7 (at least in the summer season). An overspill park and ride service (like Padstow have) in the summer season. Permanent youth club and youth service for the town; finally, development of themes for the town out of season, such as jazz and food festival. These are so successful and I’m certain more can be developed to extend trading into the quieter seasons.I would also like to see research into the overspills of sewage and outflow from farmers fields into our river that ends up polluting our sea and shore. Bude is ideally placed to be leading the fight for a greener safer Britain and to that end, the development of the Crooklets surf and beach hub should be proceeded with as a priority

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