How do you choose a marketing company?

There are lots of social media companies out there, but how do you know who is good?

Marketing is big business. Daily, for example, I am asked to add links to our website because other people want to ride on our traffic. That’s not the way to do it! The emails are deleted.

If you want to really improve your social media presence for marketing purposes, then you can do a lot worse than choose Blind Pig. Yes, I know they sponsor our website and therefore I have an interest in their success, but …

They are also a Facebook Marketing Partner. What does that even mean? Well, most small businesses know how hard it is to get their pages noticed on Facebook and yet, for our website, Facebook is crucial for our readership and for building visibility and presence on the web.

If you use a marketing partner to help you, they offer you visibility to thousands of potential clients, they have credibility and can access Facebook events, training and education so that you can benefit from their expertise.

Facebook Marketing Partners is a global community of companies known for excellence on the platform. As a partner you’re vetted according to what you do best, helping to create better client matches.

Not just anyone can become a Partner. Facebook assesses companies based on performance, creative platforms, optimised advertising campaigns, and efficiently managed pages and conversations. The successful companies, like Blind Pig can then access all the support Facebook has to offer.. They learn facebook hacks and can access targeted support.

If you want a company that knows what it is doing, officially, through Facebook, then check out Blind Pig’s professional outfit to discuss your marketing needs.

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