How did Scott vote this time?

The government has been once again defeated over Brexit. MPs voted down the prime minister’s EU withdrawal agreement by 58 votes.

Scott Mann voted for the agreement, as did Geoffrey Cox.

We were supposed to leaving the EU today but we are still there, with people, government and Parliament divided.

May won over some rebels today but certainly not enough. That deal she forged with the DUP post-election to keep her in power has come home to roost.

It means the UK has missed an EU deadline to delay Brexit to 22 May and leave with a deal. The prime minister said the UK would have to find “an alternative way forward”, which is “almost certain” to involve holding European elections. Theresa May now has until 12 April to seek a longer extension to the negotiation process in order to avoid a no-deal Brexit on that date.

Whichever way you look at it, what an unholy mess.

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