How did Scott Mann vote yesterday?

Boris Johnson failed yesterday to get the two-thirds majority required to trigger an election under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act. He is set to table a new one-line bill today for an early election, which could attract Lib Dem and SNP support. Scott Mann, as expected voted for an election, one of 299 MPs pro the idea.

PM Johnson will abandon attempts to push his Brexit bill through this parliament in a bid to get an election before Christmas. He is right that Parliament is paralysed, and he does not currently have sufficient support to get his Brexit Bill through the House of Commons. An election may offer more legitimacy to the winners if there is a clear majority. If not, maybe MPs will have to work more collaboratively. We await the date.

Merry Christmas, one and all!

skeeze / Pixabay



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  • Trevor Macey says:

    Good man,Scott. Pity so many MPs failed to vote in accordance with their electorate. Where I live now there was a huge leave majority but our labour MP simply ignored it and voted to stay and collapse with the EU!

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