How Bude deals with the panic!

Hats off to the lovely folk at Bude Post Office.

Here is what they have put on their Facebook page:


In this period of uncertainty with this virus if any of our older customers are worried about coming out to the post office or need anything at all please don’t hesitate to ring us or contact us in the post office

We will come to you and provide a home service/collection/delivery or do whatever we can.

Letters, parcels, home shopping returns, bill payments, electric/ gas top-ups.

These are unprecedented times; we must think, listen and respond accordingly.

And behave sensibly in traditional British fashion.


Here is the home service plan of action for BUDE PO

Telephone us 359255

Telephone us Monday for a home visit on Tuesdays

Telephone us Thursdays for a home visit on Fridays


Any more incidences of local people/businesses going the extra mile, we’d love to hear about it and share it.



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