Housing plan for Stratton

A planning application has been submitted for  a| proposed development of 14 flats and 7 bungalows for general needs housing at Turnstone Way, Binhamy, Bude. | Land West Of Turnstone Way Turnstone Way Stratton Bude Cornwall EX23 8BW

The application number is: PA21/08459

NHS Kernow has already identified that the additional housing would have a significant impact on the services offered by GP practices in the area at Stratton and Neetside medical centres as the 21 dwellings could generate an extra 48.3 residents so they request mitigation of this by way of a planning obligation for additional primary care capacity.

On the plus side, the 11 x 1.5 bed (2 person) flats; 3 x 2 bed (3 person) flats; 4 x 1.5 bed (2 person) bungalows; 3 x 2 bed (3 person) bungalows, are to provide 100% affordable housing (split 70% social/affordable rent and 30% shared ownership.

Cornwall Housing will be producing a local lettings plan, which is an agreement setting out how the properties will be allocated and will ensure that the homes are available as affordable homes in perpetuity. Occupancy of the 21 homes will be limited to applicants who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the Local Lettings Plan. Eligible applicants will have a local connection to Cornwall, with priority given to those in the primary parish as detailed in the Local Letting Plan, then to those with a local connection to the secondary parish. If no occupants are allocated within the first 2 parishes, then the local connection will be to the County.

Completion would be expected in May 2023.

There are numerous documents related to the application online here.

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