Horse rescued from mud in Devon

Farmers around the region are saying they’ve never known the fields so wet and muddy as they are now. From simple dog walking I would agree with them but yesterday, Fire crews were involved in a horse rescue in Devon. The animal had become stuck in a boggy field and its owners could not manage to get it to its feet.  Fire crews from Hatherleigh, Holsworthy and the special rescue team from Camels Head attended the horse, getting it onto a special sheet. A vet was in attendance with the horse, sedating it to assist fire crews.

Crews managed to drag the 35-year-old horse from the boggy part of the field and using special rescue equipment, and the local farmer’s tractor hoisted the horse up to its feet. The vet was then able to check the horse over. Photos are all from the Facebook page of Hatherleigh Fire Station.

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