Hillsborough – the Report

Potentially, it is nothing to do with Bude, though I know the town has its fair share of Liverpool FC supporters. But in terms of a cover-up and lies, the Hillsborough Disaster affects us all. True justice for the 96 would have been it never happening at all. This event and ensuing cover-up has diminished faith in the police and certainly in the media. The Sun’s reporting was disgraceful and there is now a petition to close it down.

If you do nothing else, I would urge people to read the report, or at least to read sections of it. It’s all downloadable here.

Criminal proceedings and re-opening of inquests must surely happen, however painful. This Guardian article gives a good flavour of the ongoing courage of the campaigners who have fought for justice for so long. The question remains why people have had to fight so hard to ascertain the truth of what happened. The event happened in 1989, which is 23 years ago! And Liverpool fans got the blame. Some things can’t be put right; lives lost can never be regained. But time now for no more whitewash.

And I, for one, must say that if the despicable Sun was wiped from our shelves, as was the News of the World with the phone hacking scandal, then we’d all be better for it! Apologies are simply not enough.


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