High Endurance Challenge for Jay’s Aim – please support

Richard and Mogsy (originally from Bude)\ are attempting a huge endurance challenge in memory of Mogsy’s daughter’s fiancée Jay, who tragically died aged 28 from a sudden cardiac arrest.


Jay from Bude died while out for a 5km run in Exeter on his first Fathers Day – his son was just 8 months old.  Jay had an undiagnosed heart condition and as a result, the family have set up a charity called Jay’sAIM, where AIM stands for Assess,  Inform,  and Make A Difference.  It is dedicated to reducing the number of young people suffering sudden cardiac arrest.

Jay’sAIM promotes local cardiac screening, provides free CPR/AED training, and supplies defibrillators to venues in need in the South West.

12 young people die every week in the UK from undiagnosed heart conditions. As you know, Jay’sAIM works with the young and active across the SW to reduce this number.

To help raise funds for a new public defibrillator we have entered an extreme endurance race around the Isles of Scilly this Sunday, June 9th, which we expect to take us just under 8 hours (and 8 hours is the time limit!) – the Otillo Isles of Scilly World Series Swimrun.

This is a seriously hard event especially as we are aged 62 and 56 (most competitors will be half our age!) – 18 miles of running and 5 miles swimming from island to island in the Atlantic Ocean – We have found the training tough!  In Swimrun you run in your wetsuit and swim in your shoes making it even harder!

We now live in Spain so the waters will be very cold, as the islands are 30 miles off Land’s End, and will present a significant challenge for both of us!

We hope this will help increase awareness of the charity and our own personal struggle and help prevent other families from going through such a tragedy.   We will be in Bude on Friday 7 June from 12 – 1 pm at Rosie’s Café by Crooklets Beach (with Mogsy’s daughter Sam and grandson Remy) before our flight to Scilly. Watch the video by Sam here.


You can donate here. Good luck to Richard and Moggsy.

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