Help for KS2 English pupils – via podcast

This item originally featured in the Bude & Stratton Post and has been adapted with their permission:

Busy parent. School closure. Pandemic. Home-schooling. Juggling. Working from home. Juggling. Stress. The summer holidays are here, so now you’re worried about your child’s education. Sound familiar?

Help is at hand with a new educational podcast: the Catch-up Hub.

Parent and Holsworthy Primary School teacher, Aymee Bailey, has designed the Catch-up Hub to help alleviate some parental stress when it comes to filling the missing gaps in children’s education post-lockdown. It is a combination of zero cost, parent and pupil podcasts designed specifically to promote catch-up in English for KS2 pupils.

Aymee said: “I have set up the Catch-Up Hub with both pupils and parents in mind. Being a parent, I fully understand the power of the podcast when it comes to ease and simplicity. Among other parents I know, it’s the go-to place for listening as entertainment and learning new things. “Personally, I have been trying to find appropriate podcasts for my daughter to listen to at home and in the car and it has proven pretty challenging to find something purposeful. So, naturally, I thought the best thing to do is to draw upon what I know in this area and create a podcast that ticks the boxes.”

The content derives from both curriculum expectations and teacher experience; tending to the areas where pupils often have gaps in knowledge or skills. It is, if you like, a pick-up and put-down collection of lessons that will ensure children catch up for lost time. The idea of the pupil podcast is to allow parents to offer an English lesson, without having to actually teach a child.

Aymee continued: “Being a teacher, I understand the impact that lockdown has had on this year’s cohort and my job role also gives me insight to where English gaps often form within children’s learning. My hope is that this podcast will alleviate some parental and pupil pressures across the KS2 English curriculum in the simplest way possible. Podcast lessons.”

Aymee hopes that parents can see the benefits of avoiding potential family stresses and strains that home-schooling can so often bring.

The parent podcast is a brief run-down for the parent, to engage in and understand what each lesson is aiming to do. Both podcasts are linked by certain talking points and questions to raise which will open the dialogue between parent and child in a mutual way.

The Catch-up Hub podcast has also been endorsed by other teachers across Devon and Cornwall.

A college lecturer, Exeter said: “For anyone with KS2 children. Amazing podcast to help parents and their children with English in a simple and easy way.”

A secondary school English teacher, North Devon said: “Such a helpful way to help KS2 children catch up with their English skills and vocabulary over the summer.”

Another teacher from Cornwall added: “Aymee is an awesome teacher. Hope it might be of some use.”

Parents who have listened to the first week of podcasts have also been impressed with it. One said: “I would love to share this with other parents I know — such a great idea!”

Another added: “My son finds English boring but loves maths so will definitely be looking at this. Awesome idea.”

You can find the Catch-up Hub podcast on Instagram @catchup.hub or search Catch-up Hub on Facebook and follow the link. Aymee hopes listeners will give their feedback and/or requests via Instagram or email:

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