Help Cody become a F1 driver …

Cody Trace is a Bude boy with ambition, ideally seeking sponsorship to help him achieve his aim of making F1. It is not a cheap sport to enter.

To my knowledge, only Hamilton, Ocon and Raikkonen have made it from ‘ordinary’ beginnings rather than rich family connections – but it can be done.

Enterprising Cody has his own Facebook page. He has also started a Go Fund Me page (with help from his mum, Sabrina) to help him achieve his ambition of becoming a F1 driver, where the Bude 9 year old says:

I pleaded with my parents to give me the opportunity to race in Karting. I wanted it so bad, so they signed me up to the Winter Championships with Total Karting Zero by Rob Smedley . Rob has worked for F1 as an engineer for many years, so he knows his stuff!
This seemed to be the way to go, as the Zero means these karts are electric – E Karts, and they are quick! At my first ever race, I finished 4th in the final. Mum and Dad were over the moon……I thought I could have done better…..I want that trophy!
I have just competed in round 2…….and finished 3rd! Really happy with that!….I got that trophy (and yes, I cried tears of joy)…..
I’m after 2nd at round 3 and a bigger trophy!
The bank of Mum and Dad is shrinking fast, having spent £????s already, and it’s only just started! (I don’t think they realised what they let themselves in for) I am determined to do well, and treat my racing very seriously.
In order for me to get where I want to go, I really please need your help!
I have race entry fees to pay, travelling costs (everything is miles away), and I really need to get some driver coaching! All of the drivers that I race against have either been to race school, have competed for years, also compete in petrol karts, have their own kart or attend driver coaching, so I am seriously lacking some skills but I am passionate about racing and keen to learn.
If you could help in any way at all, it would mean the absolute world to me.


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