Help Bude’s Leon raise funds for Chae

I’ve been asked to give this a share and am only too pleased to use the reach of Bude & Beyond to help out.

On Leon’s Crowdfunding page, he writes:

Recently, a very good friend of mine’s brother, Chae Jenkins, was diagnosed with a tumour on the brain. Incurable. In a time of utter heartbreak, the family is doing amazingly and all they can; I admire them all. I wanted to give something back to them as they feel like another family to me and are all amazing people. I would spend weekend upon weekend at theirs and feel it as a second home, the hospitality was so welcoming. Because of this and just the purest people that they are I want to raise some money to give as much as I can for Chae and his family.

My aim is to set off from John O’Groats in May half term 2021, and to cycle the 900 plus miles down the UK. Through Scotland, into England, along the border of Wales back into my home county of Cornwall and finish up at Land’s End roughly 14 days from when I started. If all goes to plan I will be passing through Bude, the home town of Chae and I, hopefully being able to see the family. Covid permitting.

It is a long, long cycle and something far greater than I have ever done before. Certainly bigger than cycling over a few hills to check the surf on the weekends, but it wouldn’t be called a challenge otherwise. I found this challenge by talking to a family friend speaking about his travels, and this challenge managed to find its way into conversation. I thought what better time to do it than now where I have someone to do it for, giving me the will power to do it.

I will be adding to the page regularly with a few training updates and eventually the actual event updates.

I would appreciate every donation made, as would Chae and his family. £3449 has already been raised and Leon is already on his journey.

Apologies to Leon for the delay in posting this due to a personal bereavement.

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