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Yesterday, I attended an event which brought home to me just how many volunteers there are in Bude. It is a place of great community spirit and where people are movers and shakers. Not just locals either but many ‘imports’ as I heard us described, people who all love Bude and want to see it flourish. There are numerous environmental groups (and my goodness they are needed) so hopefully, all of these will be able to work together even more collaboratively in future. People gather to beach clean, reuse and mend, collect rubbish, make reusable bags, and so on. It’s amazing.

There are also many volunteers who work with people: the elderly, families who are struggling, young people, and those simply seeking to earn a living so they can stay in beautiful Bude.

Then we have people who preserve our heritage, the canal, the Castle, and who contribute to the arty/cultural scene.

Bude & Beyond is another voluntary outfit, which frustratingly most people still don’t know. Many think we have a team of reporters who are paid. No, it is a community ‘enterprise’ just like any other, so use (though don’t abuse) us! We are a positive force for the town (most towns do not have a community hyperlocal website, so Bude is special).

While it doesn’t beach clean (well, I do actually) or assist in a hands-on way (have done that for many years, too) it equally valuably communicates and disseminates information to people freely (to the user) through the website and our social media. Communication is vital. However, as one person, with IT help and some occasional volunteer writers, I can’t keep track of you all – nor do I want to. But if you tell us what is happening, we will put the word out for you.

What struck me was that many people know little about what all those wonderful volunteers out there are doing. If you don’t communicate then who knows what great things are happening in Bude?

Because Bude & Beyond has such a decent readership and social media presence, then if you want to get the word out about your group, organisation, cause, etc., we are an ideal platform for you to use. You can submit your news using the top right button, or submit events, and it’s free – that’s all it takes to access our massive media reach in and around Bude.


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