Happy September. How was August?

To be honest, August has felt like a slog for me on here, so let’s see how we did. The stats are decent but I’ve had to work hard for it – felt chained to my desk quite often! Luckily, it was summer holidays which I have associated with work for years now!

August was our second -highest readership this year with 37,043 unique views according to our stats (this is on our local part of the website alone). This is less than July (47,707) but almost double February. Our highest ever was October 2016 when we attained the heady heights of 61,078.

The change to the Travelodge design has had a big hit last month, but people have alo especially engaged with crimes and bad news but also the prospect of a new vegan restaurant in Bude.

I’d suggest when you look at an article, you mooch around the site as there is much more (with a search facility). If you click on the purplish tag at the top, you get general interest info, te turquoisey green is Devon stuff (still need to build this but need your help as I cannot spend my entire life attached to my computer) and the mossy green is local history (mainly images). There’s plenty to see.

Thanks, as ever to Rob Wilcox and Dean Wronowski who must sometimes feel they are doing community service as a punishment, but they are the guys who keep things looking nice and functioning. Rob even writes the occasional article and Dean daily deals with the Facebook posts, a great help.

Featured image by Helen Shingler.


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