Happy Father’s Day

It’s still going on, so I haven’t missed it. Hopefully, all those lovely Dads out there have been spoiled rotten in whatever way they choose (or not, if they prefer that).

Father’s Day is celebrated in different ways around the globe; this will have been the first one in the UK where many families who live some distance away will not be able to be reunited, given people still can’t stay in other households overnight, according to the Government guidance. Assume there have been phone and zoom calls aplenty.

If you have had a lovely celebration or found a unique way to enjoy father’s Day, let us know.

As I write this, my 92 year old Dad is in a nursing home in Birmingham. The staff there are truly wonderful.

Here he is being shown some video footage of greetings from his family. That’s probably confused him no end as technology was never his strong point and he doesn’t really know who we are.

What was his strong point was football:

And he was also a very good dancer … I’m currently coveting my late Mum’s shiny sandals …

From my point of view, the most important thing about him is that he was and still is a lovely Dad. Even Alzheimer’s hasn’t totally been able to wipe away his smile. My Dad, who never liked school himself, taught me to read and write before I started at primary school, skills that have stood me in great stead ever since (so much so, I make a living from words).

Dad was a manual worker, and we regularly struggled for money but every Christmas, he took on an extra job at the post office. He left the house at 7.30 am to cycle to the factory, got home by 6.30 pm, had his dinner then left again, returning at 10.30pm after a stint in the sorting office so we could have a good Christmas. I never realised quite how hard he worked and how much energy he had. It is perhaps only when you have children yourself that you fully begin to appreciate your parents.

He also told me one thing I have never forgotten: “never think you are better than anyone else”, he directed. “But never think anyone else is better than you, either”. It is something I have always tried to live by …

My Dad is now very ill with his dementia, but I hope he has had as good a day as he can.

If anyone else has any ‘Dad’ stories, do feel free to share them here.



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