Happy Days – 2 new writers for Bude & Beyond

A hyperlocal website is ideally community- based, for citizen involvement.

Therefore, it is with a warm welcome and great thanks that I introduce Helen Shingler and Binzy Reynolds, who are contributing some great articles to enrich the site, to you. You’re welcome to join us…email budeandbeyond@gmail.com

Binzy says:

I live in Stratton with my wife, Jude and occasionally share my life with a cat we haven’t got. When I’m not up country playing with trains and shovelling coal, I can be found either riding my Harley or annoying people in the Strand Shopping Centre. I learned to write at a very early age and haven’t yet managed to stop. I can recommend Dawn Robinson’s creative writing courses, which have led to writing part-time for B & B. It would have been rude not to…Binzy co-owns Jemima Rainbow in the Strand Shopping Arcade.

Over to Helen:

For those of you who don’t already know me, I moved down to Cornwall 17 years ago and for five years owned and ran a tearoom in Kilkhampton with my husband, then took over The Grosvenor Guest House in Bude until 2015 when we ‘retired’. Since then I have taken up watercolour, revived my passion for calligraphy, indulged myself with travel in and outside of the UK, last year worked as a volunteer at The Castle and having written a few things a couple of years ago for Bude and Beyond,  I have really got back to writing on a more regular basis. I have started reporting on various events held in and around Bude and reviewing them.
I am particularly interested in writing for Bude and Beyond ‘Inspire’ as that is what I hope to do!  I have already written about Genealogy and DNA Testing but my interests are quite diverse and I’ll be covering topics such as Bletchley Park, Bowen Therapy, Calligraphy, Learning Online and Egypt!  So why not take a look on the Bude and Beyond Website and hopefully you might read something I have written that interests you?
Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I love cappuccinos and cocktails? 


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