Hairdressers/beauty salons inadvertently breaking the rules

It seems from reports that some hairdressers and beauty salons are not fully aware of the current Covid-19 guidance. This is hardly surprising as guidance keeps changing.

However, after a spate of breaches, there are calls for a clampdown, so if you own a hairdressing business or beauty salon, here is how it stands right now:

You may not be aware that there have been changes to PPE requirements.

New updates to PPE

Face masks are now mandatory for all those who conduct close contact services, including beauty therapists, hairdressers and barbers. The guidance is also applicable to mobile therapists.

The updated guidelines state that staff “should now wear a face mask (type 2 surgical), and a clear visor that covers the face”. This will help protect the customer and staff from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing, or speaking.”

Clients are also expected to wear a mask or face covering throughout their treatment unless they have a medical exemption.


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