Guidance closes sea pool, as locals ask why

This has been posted on Bude Seapool facebook page and website:

Following a review of the latest regulations and guidance from the Government. We advise that Bude Sea Pool is closed and shouldn’t be used until the current Covid 19 restrictions are lifted. Meanwhile Volunteers are however allowed to continue with vital maintenance work at the pool during this time.

It is proving a controversial issue about which I have messaged Bude Sea Pool for a response. However, a response from James on their Facebook page, swimmers’ representative on the committee seems to have resolved the issue.

I’m sure everyone continues to appreciate the work done by the committee.

One local got in touch saying:

I do not agree with their decision as it’s a wild swim spot and not a managed venue. Other marine pools/sea pools are open, such as Clevedon at Bristol. Some paid/ticketed venues have re-opened and are not charging such as Alderford lake.

More people than ever this year have taken to swimming outdoors and is this taking away (unnecessarily) a safe place to swim?  

Comments have been flying on Facebook.  Here is a selection:


Mary: OK think I’ve found it here on page 30, section 24 of businesses required to close. I would just point out that you are not a business. You are custodians of a public open space. In the same document on page 10 a Public Outdoor space is defined in section 4. I don’t think you are entitled to close a public space.…/pdfs/uksi_20201200_en.pdf


Nicky: I can see how FOBSP want to cover themselves; however I see the guidelines to refer to privately owned/ticketed facilities which the sea pool is not, it is a public space and part of the beach, which is clearly stated as allowed. My main concern is that the RNLI and coastguard ask us to stay safe and encouraging swimmers into the sea rather than the safety of the sea pool is madness.


Rebecca: I am gutted by this as I am as I try to swim regularly at the seapool (2-3 times a week). I have unfortunately seen many people not following government guidelines, groups larger than 2, not respecting 2 metres.

So I understand why this advice has been shared. Thoughts with everyone at this time.
James:  I just thought I should interject here and after reading over 100 comments I am feeling rather dejected to be quite honest. Possibly many of you are unaware that I am the swimmers representative on the committee and the above post has been issued following guidance from the government. It is not meant to be taken as a personal attack on your freedoms and liberties to swim it is purely meant as guidance issued from above.

Having spoken to committee members this afternoon I am in a position to inform you that there are currently no plans to
1. drain the pool
2. place armed guards on the surround of the pool ready to eject swimmers.
And 3.vigorously uphold this ruling beyond the notice.
It has been meant mainly as a notification for everybody’s benefits and following as previously said government guidelines.
I should inform you that the committee do however have the power to drain the pool but have decided not to do this as it benefits nobody and costs several thousand pounds every time this is done.
This notice I reiterate again is mainly as a requirement from the authorities to the committee to issue for legal clarification.
As I’m sure we all are aware closing the pool is a practical and physical impossibility and I strongly suggest that people use common sense and read between the lines as we all have in our very fortunate position whilst living in this relatively safe covid free end of the country.
I for one do not know anybody that over the past nine or 10 months hasn’t bent the rules to suit their own ends and carried on with their life in a fairly normal fashion taking obvious careful precautions to keep safe.
May I suggest that you all continue to do the same as before.
Keep safe play safe and protect yourself and your love ones and we will all get through this in time.
Finally I would like to add that having read through the above comments there seems to be an enormous amount of bitterness and bad feeling directed at the committee who I can assure you work tirelessly for the benefit of the sea pool. All of which is unpaid all of which takes vast amount of personal time and commitment.
And I think that people should stop and think before they start to type and act in a inappropriate and disrespectful manner towards people who are trying their best in difficult and ever-changing circumstances.
Thank you on behalf of the committee and the sea pool and your continued support is appreciated and I also welcome any further comments. I can be contacted privately through the sea pool website.


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