A Greener Bude and thumbs up to Lansdown Dairy

There is so much happening in Bude on the sustainability front that it makes sense to try to draw it all together under one umbrella. A Greener Bude is such a group of like-minded individuals, groups and organisations working towards making our town a sustainable economy. Hopefully, they do not mind me spreading the word by using their photos from the Facebook page.

So, on the one hand, a shout out to Lansdown Dairy where not only are milk and orange juice in returnable, reusable ReFILLable glass bottles but…. look no plastic wrapped fruit and veg and brown paper bags to transport them home in! Great news for Bude and our environment! Milk deliveries available, too! This is so reminding me of my childhood when milk was delivered in bottles and the milkman (it was invariably a he) invariably kept an eye out for his older customers, when fruit and veg came in brown paper bags, and you could buy a quarter of cheese from the corner shop. We bought what we needed. What goes around comes around as they say…

On the other, there is still practical beach clean work to be done at a grassroots level for Love Your Beach Day on February 14th. I won’t be in Bude but if you are,  please join in!

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