Green MEP candidates visit Bude

Bude is becoming a focus for ‘green’ with its Refill Shop, the Community Orchard, and sustainable farming such as at Bangors Organic. It is also a place for tackling waste through beach cleans and refillable water bottles, cleaner seas and generally caring for our environment. Therefore, it is not too surprising that the Green Party MEP candidates chose to visit the town and were suitably impressed by what they saw.

South West Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, arrived in Bude on 2nd May as part of a tour around Cornwall promoting her candidacy in the upcoming EU elections. She was joined by Karen La Borde who is also standing as a Green Party MEP candidate.

L-R Simon Browning, Molly Scott Cato, Karen La Borde, Philippa Purchase

Molly visited the wonderful Community Orchard, the amazing newly opened Refill Shop and then took a trip out to Bangors Organic in Poundstock to have a look at how the business is run on a sustainable and organic basis. She was very impressed with the range of electric vehicles in use at Bangors Organic and also how we are rethinking our relationship with food, shopping and consumption in Bude.

Molly Scott Cato and Neil Faiers (owner of Bangors Organic)

About 25 people attended the Bangors Organic visit along with Molly and Karen.

L-R Lou Whelan, Molly Scott Cato, Susan Holmes, Karen La Borde, Jackie Diffey (Lou, Susan and Jackie are part of the Refill shop founding team)

Reaction from those who attended was very positive and their thoughts on the upcoming EU elections were well received.

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