Great talk … but can we perk up the Parkhouse?

I really enjoyed Bude Marine Group’s (free, donation requested) event last night at The Parkhouse Centre. It struck me I know little about marine biology and it would be interesting to learn something new, which I did.

Yes, I realise the event was free/donation only, so for that, you take what room you can get. The room was packed, but what a room. How gloomy and dreary parts of the Parkhouse are. It really didn’t do the talk justice. I realise the Council doesn’t have money to pour into it, but it’s quite offputting. This morning and one day this week, I was in the council conference room in the Parkhouse. This isn’t meant for a large audience but it is lighter, brighter and altogether better. Maybe something could be done to perk up the Parkhouse!

The talk itself was fascinating. Dr Madeline Brasier presented her marine journey, from Bude to blue whales. Madeline as a child often visited Bude to see her grandparents, so we might say that Summerleaze Beach is where her passion for marine life began. Her PhD was on marine worms (yes, really) ut for most of us it is fish and mammals and corals, we are most into. And check out those sea pigs!

Maddie studied marine biology at university and now works for the University of Tasmania researching the marine life in the Antarctic Southern Ocean. On her research expeditions, Maddie has encountered marine life from some of the most remote parts of our oceans including the deep sea and Antarctica waters.

These expeditions are long, hard affairs. You have to be utterly absorbed in your subject area to even contemplate them. We saw the lovely photos or incredible scenery and wildlife on blue sky days – much of it isn’t like that. If nothing else, I realised I could never have been a marine biologist, but thank goodness some, like Dr Maddie, can!




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