Great Service at Woolacotts, Bude.

By Louise Hopkinson

I would like to share with people the great service I recently received when making a purchase at Woolacotts. Our two sons surprised us at Christmas by giving us the money to buy a new TV, saying that we needed to embrace the world of HD and SMART viewing!! They then proceeded to bombard us with a whole load of information re sound bars, speakers, subwoofers etc. My husband and I are both over 60 and as the younger one I took up the challenge of doing online research, in order to get my head around this technology and the mass of options available.

Armed with a little knowledge and a list of requirements we then set off for Woolacotts. From the moment we entered the shop, we were made to feel at ease and the sales advisor was very helpful. At no time did he make us feel like ‘oldies lost in the world of technology’. He was incredibly patient and answered all of our questions, no matter how obvious they may have seemed.

Once we had made our decision, we were then pleased to discover that the TV was the same price as the same model online, but with the added advantage of free delivery and installation!! Perfect, no need to spend time reading the instruction booklet before watching our favourite programmes. Thank you, Woolacotts.

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  • Lucille Opie says:

    Well done Louse! I agree with you, it is an excellent shop and, as you say, the staff are more than helpful. Any problems and they are solved immediately. And, they will match the prices online. We have dealt with them for most of our electrical goods since 1960 when we had our first TV set, couldn’t afford to pay the whole amount and paid for it by instalments! I remember dear Mr Woolacott well. It continues to be a real ‘family’ firm, even though they have grown and have many branches in Cornwall.

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