Great GCSE Results for Years 10/11 at Budehaven

GCSE successes at Budehaven

Today, 201 sixteen year olds Budehaven students arrived at the school library  to collect their GCSE results.  Simultaneously, nearly 210 students from the year below collected their first sets of results, and there were many very happy faces!

Staff and students at Budehaven are delighted that despite a national picture of ‘significant turbulence’ in results, overall standards have been maintained with 58% of students gaining 5A*- C including English and Maths.

Over 2000 exams were taken by the Year 11 students, and just over 16% of them have been awarded as grades A and A*.

Daniel Edwards gained 4A* (Maths, Electronics, Computer Studies and Physics) and 8 As whilst Raef Coles gained 2A* (Maths and Physics) and 10 grade As.

Shannon Bluett has 2A*s, 8As and 1B (including A*s in Art and Textiles and straight As in Maths and the three Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Charlotte Colwill gained 5A*s (English, English Literature, Business Studies, Catering and Leisure & Tourism) amongst her impressive results, and Veronica Poshelyuzhnaya-Munks gained As in her English, English Literature, Maths, ICT, PE, Biology and Physics topped off with A* in Art and French.


Headteacher, David Barton was understandably pleased. ‘These results are very good and I am thrilled that so many of our students have done so well.  Of course I’m pleased to see Budehaven students achieve A*s and As, but we are proud to be a fully comprehensive school and we all work hard to ensure that as well as their GCSEs, every student successfully completes nationally recognised and certificated qualifications in both English and Maths. We all know how vitally important literacy and numeracy skills are when progressing on to Sixth Form, college and the workplace, so  I am particularly pleased that 97% of the whole year group have gained the English and Maths qualifications this year.’


The number of exams taken this summer by Year 10 students, where most students are aged fifteen, varied depending on the courses chosen; most students took four or five subjects.

Deputy Headteacher, David Sellars was pleased to see how the highest grades were spread across different subjects, and that the vast majority of the year group had met the challenging targets set for them.

‘Success in Year 10 is a great lift for students as they enter into their final year’, he said.  ‘Many students have achieved well and made fantastic progress, and we must all work hard now to ensure that Year 11 sees that momentum continued.’


Some individual students gained particularly noteworthy results. Amy Kerr gained 5 A* in her five subjects; English, French, Geography, History and Science; Karina Moxon gained 2 A* and 3 As in the same five subjects.

Josie Foster has achieved 4A* in English, French, Child Development and Science together with a grade A in Geography.

Ryan Grigg also gained 4A* in French, Geography, Science, Resistant Materials, and a grade A in English. Caitlin Griffiths-Bird completed six subjects, 5 with A* in English, Geography, Maths, Science and Spanish; Chloe McGrath has A* in three subjects, Art, English and Science with grade As in French and Geography. Joseph Ward was another student to achieve A* in French and Science, backed up with As in English and geography and a B in PE.

Emily Whelan gained A* in English, and her other four subjects all saw grade As on the results sheet for History, Music, Science and Spanish.


Well done indeed to all the students.


The majority of the Year 11 cohort is returning to Budehaven Sixth Form, and there have also been high numbers of applications from other local schools.

Enrolment for Budehaven’s Sixth Form takes place in the school Library on Friday, 30th August; come into school with your results at any time between 9.00 and 12.30.  


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