Google tells us more and more people are visiting our site …

Google analytics tells us that in January, Bude & Beyond had 12.1 thousand users and 22.7 thousand sessions.

However, the sessions on the site are relatively short which makes us think people click onto their article of choice but then don’t really explore the rest of website.

So, what would engage you more? Feel free to comment, bearing in mind that we each do other things, so this is a voluntary sideline. However, that doesn’t stop us making it better, if we can.

We appreciate not all parts of the site are equal – for example, our Devon and local history sections have far fewer new items than local and magazine. Would you prefer something different to, say, the Devon section? Such as a space for young people’s info? Or a section for audios/videos/podcasts? Would anyone out there fancy making us some videos or podcasts to share in these still difficult, socially distanced times?

Let us know and we can try to adapt, but meanwhile, thank you for continuing to read our voluntary efforts.


From Dawn, Dean and Rob.



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