Google should support upgrading our internet infrastructure

By Katie Goode:


Google is installing the Grace Hopper internet data cable from New York to Bude. It’ll have an unbelievable speed of 250 Terabits of data per second. So why do local Bude residents get a maximum of 30Mbps connection with no option to upgrade to the +100mb/s FTTP?


Google owns its own ISP, Google Fiber, that upgrades city and home connections to FTTP (fiber to the premises). They offer up to 1 Gbps to homes and businesses.


However, Openreach have said they have no plans on upgrading Bude to FTTP. The rest of the country is getting upgraded to support speeds over 30 times faster than Bude!


Why are Bude residents allowing Google to build this cable on the beaches, without them supporting an upgrade to our own internet connection services?


I’m not asking for a “free” internet connection – we’ll still need to pay our ISP. I’m suggesting that Google should be investing in upgrading local homes and businesses to the new standard of FTTP with either their own Google Fiber business or via the support of Openreach – in exchange for building Grace Hopper on our beach.

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