Goodbye to overdue charges at Cornwall Libraries, including Bude

By Dawn Robinson-Walsh:

In 2021, I read 84 books, most of which came from Cornwall Libraries via our very own fantastic Bude Library.

This either means I love reading and read reasonably fast or that I have a sad old life, or maybe both. Anyway, I never had a fine but I know that reading slowly and building up fines has put some people off using the library.

So, ta-dah, great news, as Cornwall Libraries, including Bude, are removing fines …

Cornwall Libraries say:

Starting immediately, the vast majority of libraries in Cornwall are saying goodbye to overdue charges!
We’re so happy to finally be sharing this massive change to the way we operate #NoShushNoCharge
Why use your library?
  • You save loads of money
  • You can order/reserve online using the inter-library loans service
  • You can download an app and renew online
  • Currently, you go in the library to return but can collect from the foyer
  • Free parking outside to visit the library
  • Libraries are A GOOD THING! As a child in a low-income household, I relied heavily on my local library. I took time out when I was a publisher/author and bought many, many books. Now I love adding to my library list and reading items I might not buy but should read anyway, such as this one – widens horizons!

Thanks to the lovely, helpful librarian, Kymble Eldridge, for the info on charges …

What are you waiting for? Oh opening … they re-open on Wednesday 5th January …

My first completed read of 2022, a memoir from Bude Library …


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