Good vibrations – a video to make us all feel good

This wonderful video of Bude surfer, Barnaby Cox, was created by local filmmaker Charlie Key, just to remind us that you don’t have to go far for an adventure or to feel good.

It really cheered me up watching it, so hope it will you, too.

Thanks, Charlie and Barnaby – ace video and well worth a share …

BARNABY from Charlie Key on Vimeo.

Charlie says:

I’ve created this video for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I like to spread good vibes. Barnaby is an absolute beauty and his shredding and willingness to try out my ideas has helped make them vibes spread!

Secondly, I feel lucky to be living in Cornwall surrounded by such beautiful wild spaces. It’s very important to me to regularly immerse myself in nature; in fact, it’s a vital ritual for me in order to maintain a healthy, and happy mind.

Just by taking a short stroll through my local woods in Stratton, I’m able to imagine that I am in some remote wilderness and I come out feeling refreshed.

You don’t have to travel far to find solitude in nature, and a sense of adventure can be created with just a little imagination. That’s what this video is about.

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