Good news for local hospitality as new restrictions halted for now

National newspapers are indicating that there will be no more restrictions in England before New Year, meaning New Year’s Eve events can currently continue as usual. Conversely, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all put additional restrictions in place, which gives food for thought. Why is England an outlier?

Well, it is thought that Boris Johnson’s Cabinet is pushing against new curbs, and his position has been looking precarious of late, so the current emphasis is on “personal responsibility”, like taking tests before seeing vulnerable or elderly people or attending events, wearing masks and keeping indoor venues ventilated.


Preston Gate: The Hendersons will be here to entertain you from 8, then DJ kevlar will get you on up and dancing to say goodbye to 2021 in style. No tickets needed.


People are being advised to celebrate New Year outside if possible and to “remain cautious”. Effectively, it is up to you …


In terms of Covid infection, there were 113,628 new infections reported in England on 25 December, 103,558 on 26 December and 98,515 on 27 December, so national figures remain high.

Other data has not been updated over the Christmas period but 12,000 so-called ‘Jingle Jabs’ were said to be administered on Christmas Day, and ‘get boosted’ messages were sent out by mobile phone networks.

Health Secretary, SajidJavid, says that around 90% of cases in England are of the Omicron variant. Vaccination and built up immunity seems to be making it more contagious but less severe in many cases. Some people will still become very ill with it (and of course, we do not know which ‘some’ that is) which would then put more pressure on the overstretched NHS, but here’s hoping that no more restrictions will be needed and that people can enjoy New Year responsibly.

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