Good news! Bude Bees and bees in general are thriving …

Had our first response to our request for good news. This comes from Nick Compton of Elite West Holidays:

Despite the lockdown, bees continue to thrive in the recent good weather and we seem to be looking forward to an exceptionally good year.

Bude Bees, the new local group for aspiring and experienced beekeepers, has set up and is situated at Norton Barton Farm thanks to Richard and Fionagh Harding’s generosity.

They have given us a field where the colonies are situated and offered the use of their kitchen and a communal room for meetings, lectures and discussions – thank you both!


I have been making a long bar hive (a real benefit of not having to look after holidaymakers during lockdown!) – the idea is that you have three National Hives in one box side by side which means you don’t have supers on top of each other which makes it more accessible and avoids having to lift heavy boxes full of honey and bees.

The club had a very successful day earlier in the year which introduced numerous people interested in beekeeping to learn the basics of this fascinating hobby and hopefully the club will go from strength to strength over the next few years.

Anyone interested please do get in touch via the Facebook group.


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