Getting the #BigUpBude Hashtag Habit

With so much happening in beautiful Bude, it’s time to revamp our #BigUpBude status, and now we have a banner to do just that.

With our iconic sea pool,  a food festival, a summer festival, the usual jazz festival, the Shellseekers exhibition, 2014-06-06 12.01.55and lots of other events ahead, Bude is the place to be. Someone yesterday commented that Bude used to be dead in winter. No longer, as the season is being extended, and as so much investment is being put into the town. It’s all happening here.

What we should all be doing to promote the town is using the #BigUpBude hashtag. The slogan was originally created by Tracey Robinson of Vert PR, and has since become something of a local phenomenon. Now local businesses are finally picking up the message.

Trev Plant of Trev’s Taxi in Bude is a keen proponent of #BigUpBude, and a walking advertisement for the town. Along with sponsors Hebasca (who have invested huge amounts of money and effort into Bude) and the artistry skills of the Ministry of Signs, we are soon to have two banners (one is already complete). One will have a permanent position at Bude Sea Pool. The other will be mobile, so if you are having an event please borrow the banner. The aim is to encourage locals and tourists alike to look out for #BigUpBude events/good news.

Now, some people think hashtags are just for Twitter. Wrong. You can use them on Facebook, too and, what the heck, why not try it on Google+ while we’re at it? All you need to do is to get the #hashtag habit.

So, promoting good news about your business, then #BigUpBude

Promoting a community event, then #BigUpBude

Promoting local achievements, then #BigUpBude

Promoting our fantastic beaches, coastal path, sea pool through photos, then #BigUpBude

OK, you’re getting the gist. What the # does is to make the task simpler for anyone searching for #BigUpBude news – it’s not complicated; it’s really that simple. So, let’s get started.

2014-06-06 12.01.55

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