Getting students home for Christmas

Most students I know have been very responsible during the Covid restrictions, but they want to be home for Christmas – and their families want them back.

Tomorrow we are expecting the government to announce their plan to get all students home for Christmas. We understand it will involve mass testing on campuses.

Larissa Kennedy, NUS National President, said –

“The government has finally listened to our calls to ensure that students can travel home safely for Christmas. We had raised concerns about plans to make students self-isolate for extended periods of time, and the effect this would have on their mental health, so giving students some much needed clarity will hopefully put many at ease.

“We particularly welcome this mass-testing approach as it equips students with the knowledge to make informed decisions about travel ahead of the winter break based on individual risk, instead of being subject to blanket rules we’ve seen elsewhere this term. The government must now ensure that universities have enough resources to cope with the mass demand for this testing. We do now need a clear strategy for January return: students deserve better than another term of uncertainty.”


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