Getting IT Write – a new venture …

Almost everyone at some time says they want to write. Some people actually do it. Virtually everyone uses IT and therefore making it easy is valuable.

So for free help with writing inspiration, motivation, prompts and ideas, here’s a Bude & Beyond sister site, using the IT brain of Rob Wilcox and the writing brain of Dawn Robinson. We been discussing for some time revamping our old writing and IT website, which was a bit niche, not gonna lie, but had a steady following. We just ran out of time to maintain it, but times change.

At last, with the lockdown, we have had time and opportunity to (at a 12 mile social distance) get started, so this is a positive free resource for people, and we hope you will support it.

Anyway, the idea was catalysed by the fact that I had just restarted a writing group only to suddenly be stopped in my tracks by the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Need to know:

This site is called Getting IT Write .

It has free tips/advice for writers and for IT users, so we hope it is a resource for writers, students, indeed anyone interested in communicating.

As usual, it is all done for free or on a shoestring, so our thanks must go to Rob’s daughter, Chelsea, for the logo.

Rob has done all the IT (phew) and added IT-based articles, and I have written a few articles to start the ball rolling … at least we haven’t had chance to be bored!

Here is the Facebook page link.

And Twitter.

Please note we have only just gone live as we are at the beginning of our journey, and it is a work in progress, but happy to hear from anyone wanting guidance on specific topics, and hope you will give it/us your support.

Articles so far, but we welcome your ideas for more, and we also have an ‘ask us anything’ section about your writing or IT:

Lockdown writing prompts

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Keeping in touch with Apple Facetime

Store your photos in the Cloud

Extending your knowledge with Kindle or Apple Books

Why not write a short story?

When writing isn’t right for you

Are you addicted to your iPhone?

Writing as therapy

Dare to drive your dialogue

Acrostics – Give them a go

Being a writer – it’s in the gut

What should I even write?

Your writing obsession: why, who, what? 

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