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Excuse the slight pun, though it is no laughing matter. Good to see so much engagement among the public, though all these petitions should be telling politicians and council officers something, which is that the people of Bude are not happy.

This morning, Dave Pritchard set up a Say No to the Surf Tax Petition which you can access here. Dave, who is a keen surfer, and assists community groups, Bude Waveriders and Bude Surf Veterans, wrote:


Our beaches and the surf define who we are in Bude. The Council’s plans to start taxing surf schools is yet another way of local authorities trying to bully local hard working – honest folk of Bude to simply raise more money.

As we know from the yearly car park increases, the money never gets ploughed back into local services; in fact, as we have seen the car park toilet facilities are either closing down in the winter or being sold off.

One glance at the salaries paid to top councillors will have locals reeling at the staggering sums they pay themselves.

We all know that if the taxes are implemented it will simply result in the public paying higher prices for surf lessons, with the more than likely outcome that local surf schools will either see less customers or be forced to close. Quite how this will be beneficial to Bude is beyond me.

Take a moment to remind ourselves that council workers are paid by US, the public, through Council Tax; they are OUR servants representing OUR best interests?

We, the public, can roll over and accept it and see our surf schools decimated or we can say enough is enough.

Earning a living in the South West is at best tough, particularly with any trade relating to our beaches given the weather and ever changing weather patterns.

I, for one, am passionate about what we have here in Bude and cannot sit by as our County’s councillors further threaten our local workers. Please take 2 minutes to sign this and stop this “roughshod” nonsense being dished out by people who have forgotten why we elected them in!

Thank you.

If you read the comments of the objectors, you can see that most people think Bude and surf rather go together. The surf schools do a great job, not only for tourism, but in helping our youngsters develop skill at a healthy sport which helps define the town. Be great to get more support for this cause.

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