G7 Cornwall – planned since August

I must admit to finding ti confusing when I read newspaper reports about extended lockdowns which could go on until summer, and then I read about the G7 Summit, but I guess all will become clear, eventually.

Visit Cornwall has recently contacted its members, saying:

The news broke (officially) on Saturday night that Cornwall would be hosting the G7 Summit in mid June. Although the eyes of the world will be on Carbis Bay, the knock on effect will be that accommodation and hospitality will be needed across much of Cornwall for the associated entourage. It is just one weekend in 52, and won’t replace what’s been lost over the last year or so, but … “this will not only showcase the beauty of Cornwall but give us the opportunity to communicate our heritage, culture and the connections” and of course Visit Cornwall will be doing our best to make the most of this opportunity.

Behind the scenes, in total secrecy, Visit Cornwall have been working with the Cabinet Office on this since August. 

There has been criticism about why this is being held in Cornwall during a pandemic, and we have been assured by those in command that it will not go ahead if there is any risk at all to the public. But as we said last week, we have to plan for the future, and hopefully this will be a major bit of publicity to coincide with the roll out of vaccines around the country?

Elsewhere, and it sort of got forgotten with all the G7 news, was the announcement from the Supreme Court that business interruption insurance policies must be paid out to small firms. 

It would be amazing if life could go ahead more normally during the summer. Here’s hoping.


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